Friday, October 9, 2009

Pump Jack Set Up

When we freshened up the paint on our Spanish bungalow, all it took was a roller on an extension pole

This project has been much more complicated = labor and time intensive, and thus the "painting" has not yet even begun.  J. promises to add some text to more fully explain these pictures. 







Omar said...

I remember a while back you commenting on a post about "victorian foursquares". I recently came across a website that describes various architectural forms in the bay area. When I saw the "Palladin-style Classic box" I thought of you. I assume your house was built after 1900 but before 1910 when the arts & crafts movement really took off. I think that's why the transitional style of colonial revival fits. Not quite victorian, but not craftsman either. Hope all is well.

A. said...

Thanks very much for the info!