Monday, December 28, 2009

7 Different Kinds of Smoke!!!!!

As millions of fans and loyal readers to this blog can attest to, we are very slow to post our progress. The truth is we have been very lazy in doing the work. We have started a few small projects, mostly painting, but haven't made a lot of progress. I think the neighbors are starting to think that we will never get this rundown house fixed up. But, that's all going to change this week. Amanda and I both have the week off and I have a very ambitious list of tasks for us:

1. Clean and organize the house including the basement and garage. I have tools everywhere and it's time to straighten up a bit.
2. Finish the basement doors and jacking up the 2nd story. We had some termite damage and I started the demo, but never finished putting it back together.
3. Finish painting the foyer. It's almost done, just needs a bit of touch up.
4. Finish the attic closet. This was a project started months ago that I never finished. (Are you starting to notice a pattern here?) All it needs is a little paint and add some shelving.
5. Paint the guest room. It's really not bad, but it's purple. Enough said.
6. Paint the dinning room. It's mustard yellow and gross.
7. Replace the siding on 1 side of the house. This is going to be my big winter project and since I already have the pump jacks set up, I may as well get started.
8. Start the bathroom renovation. All we are doining is tearing out some tile on the wall and replacing it with drywall. It should be easy. Famous last words.
9. Replace shocks and shock mounts on the pick up.
10. Finally, we need to pick up dog shit. It's supposed to snow in a few days and if we don't pick it up now, it will stay there frozen until spring.

I'll keep you all posted.

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Anonymous said...

That is some list. I got out of breath just reading it. Will I see any results in Feb? No pressure! ;)